I don't want my gift to auto-renew. How do I order a one-off box?

Two options or ways for us to gift without the auto-renewal, which by the way is a default for ONLY the subscription-based boxes. 


First, if you're going to give any of the subscription plans, make sure that after checking out and completing the purchase order, you must:


  1. Go to your My Account page > https://vegancuts.com/my-account/
  2. On the Upcoming Order tab, click on the Order Card Details (see Image 1) 

       > it will expand and you'll see the option to Turn off Auto-Renew (Image 2).


IMAGE 1     Capture5-Order_Card-Details.png








The second option or way is to gift a non-subscription box which you may find and choose from this webpage - https://vegancuts.com/shop/lifestyle/ 


Currently, we have three special one-time gift boxes to choose from. All are non-subscriptions, with no auto-renew button to turn off, so you are assured that renewals will not happen, and on top of that the shipping schedule happens within 3-5 days after ordering.

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