Can I skip a month of my subscription?

Do you need to take a break from sampling? Are you going on vacation? Do you need to give your bank account a breather? Great news, we now have the option to skip one month without having to cancel your Snack or Beauty Box subscription!


Do you have a 1-month subscription to the Snack or Beauty Box?

Simply write to and let us know which month's boxes you would like to skip.


Do you have a 3-, 6, or 12-month subscription to the Snack or Beauty Box?

Just make sure to request for a “skip” before the 9th of the month as payment is taken on the 10th and payment schedules your box shipment.

For example, if you are skipping the March Snack or Beauty, you’ll need to write to us before March 9th as billing is on the 10th.

Once you’ve skipped, you won’t be billed for or shipped the March box and your next box will be the April Snack or Beauty Box and you’ll be billed on April 10th.


Remember, you can only skip one box at a time, so if you need to skip again, you’ll have to reach out to us at

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