What is stacking? How do I stack my subscriptions?

"Stacking" allows existing subscribers the ability to purchase a new subscription if we are having a sale or a deal without receiving duplicate boxes. If selected, your new "stacked" purchase will be set to begin after your current active subscription ends. And the best part? It’s very easy to do!

 There are two options:

  1. At checkout, under the top Order Now button, you will see this message (red circle below).Screenshot_2019-10-28_17.45.18.pngIn the Your Cart section you will see the stacking options. In the example below, this 12-Month Snack Box subscription is eligible to be stacked onto an existing 6-month subscription that is active for this customer. Note: If Disable Stacking is selected in this instance this customer would get duplicate boxes for October 2019 through March 2020.Screenshot_2019-10-28_17.44.41.png
  2. If you forgot to stack during checkout, don't worry! Just email us right away at support@vegancuts.com. We can take care of that for you.
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