What is stacking? How do I stack my subscriptions?

Stacking is a new option we offer for people who would like to take advantage of a sale or deal and purchase a new subscription without receiving duplicate boxes. And the best part? It’s easy as pie to do!

 There are two options:

  1. At check-out, on the second page "shipping and payment" where you fill in your shipping address, etc. you’ll see an option that says "stack onto existing subscription". Select check that box and a pop-up will appear that your stacking option.
  2. If you didn’t stack during check-out, you can login to your Vegancuts account at vegancuts.com/login, then go to My Account > Subscriptions and select the stacking option for the subscription of your choice.


If you run into any trouble, or you’d like us to double to double check the status of your subscription, please let us know at support@vegancuts.com! We’re always happy to help.

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