What is stacking? How do I stack my subscriptions?

Stacking allows existing subscribers the ability to purchase a new subscription if we are having a sale or a deal without receiving duplicate boxes. And the best part? It’s easy as pie to do!

 There are two options:

  1. At checkout, under the top Order Now button, you will see this message (red circle below).Screenshot_2019-10-28_17.45.18.pngBelow the Customers Also Bought Section in the Your Cart section you will see the stacking options. In the example below, this 12-Month Snack Box subscription is eligible to be stacked onto an existing 6-month subscription that is active for this customer. Note: If Disable Stacking is selected in this instance this customer would get duplicate boxes for October 2019 through March 2020.Screenshot_2019-10-28_17.44.41.png
  2. If you forgot to stack during checkout, don't worry! Just email us right away at support@vegancuts.com. We can take care of that for you.
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