How do I update my credit card information?


1. From the Vegancuts Homepage click on My Account in the top right of the navigation bar.



2. Then the blank fields for username and password will appear/dropdown. Fill up the details then click submit.



3. Once in your account, you will see "Manage Account" under your name, click that to enter the editing page.



4. Then once inside the Manage Account, you will see the area for the edit Card Info option.




5. After editing/updating your Card Info, click the X or go back option, then find your current order in the Upcoming Order tab > then click Order details.



6. Once inside the Order Details page, you will find the "Use a new payment method" tick circle > from there do the same process done in Step 4.



7. Click the save button after typing all the new card information. After that, you are all set! 



Let us know if you run into any trouble at

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