I already have a prepaid subscription, can I get the Summer Sale deal?

Thank you for checking! If you have a prepaid subscription, there is no way for us to cancel it, so you'll be receiving two boxes until the subscriptions run out.

Prepaid subscriptions can’t be extended by buying more than one. Neither pre-paid subscription will be eligible for refunds, it is clearly stated on our website that all pre-paid subscriptions are final sale and non-refundable. 

All of this info is available on the offer page as you can see below:

Screen_Shot_2018-07-11_at_11.05.35_AM.png Screen_Shot_2018-07-11_at_11.05.46_AM.png

However, there is one way to avoid getting 2 boxes for the remainder of your pre-paid subscription.

If you have someone that you’ve been wanting to gift the boxes to, we can change the address on your earliest pre-paid subscription so that the boxes will get sent to someone else instead of you!

If you'd like to do that or have any other questions, please reach out to us at support@vegancuts.com before ordering! 

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