Yay, I have a coupon code! How do I use it?

Coupon codes are valid on any of our Marketplace items. The only products you can't use a coupon code on are our monthly subscription Snack, Beauty Boxes and the Quarterly Makeup Box because they're already such a good deal!

To use a coupon code:

1. Login to your VeganCuts account.

2. Fill your Cart with vegan goodies.

3. Go to your Cart page. It's on that page that you'll have to fill in your country, state/province to determine shipping. On that same page, you'll input your coupon code. Don't forget to click "Add Discount Code" or the coupon won't be applied!

4. Proceed to checkout!

As always, if you have any questions or trouble, please email support@vegancuts.com before completing your order. Happy shopping!


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