My gift subscription is ending this month, how and when can I extend my subscription?

We're so glad to hear you want to buy another gift subscription with us! The bigger the subscription, the better the deal so you'll want to have all the information before you move forward. Here are a few things you need to know about resubscribing for gift plans:
1. You can buy a Snack Box gift subscription here.
2. You can buy a Beauty Box gift subscription here.
3. If you already have a live gift subscription, wait until the very end of the month, or the 1st of the next month to buy a new one. For example, if the last box of your 6 month subscription will be in June, don't buy a new subscription in June. Wait for July 1st to roll around, or you'll be sent two June boxes!
If you have any questions at all about this or anything else Vegan Cuts, please write in to before you place your order so we can help sort things out.
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