What's inside the Quarterly Vegan Makeup Box?

Our Quarterly Vegan Makeup Box is an easy and affordable way to try full-size, cruelty-free & vegan makeup. Each quarter we’ll send you four or more new makeup products, ranging from lipstick to mascara to luxe nail lacquer.

Typically the contents of our Quarterly Vegan Makeup Box have a retail value of $70+, but some boxes will be packed with even more value. It's always a great deal! For each box, we’ll share a round of sneak peeks about the brands and products featured inside to give you a good sense of what to expect. The best way to see sneak peeks is to sign up for our newsletter and visit our Instagram.

Vegan Ingredients

Every product inside our Quarterly Vegan Makeup Box is 100% vegan, which means it doesn't include any animal ingredients like honey, carmine, lanolin, etc.


Every product inside our Quarterly Vegan Makeup Box is also cruelty-free, which means the company who makes it doesn't conduct animal testing and neither does its parent company. Many of the items included in the Makeup Box are also certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny or PETA, and every company featured in the box signs a formal contract to confirm their cruelty free status.

Natural & Organic

Our focus is on curating a selection of seasonal vegan and cruelty-free makeup but we lean towards including as many natural, non-toxic, and certified organic products as possible. We're also not a fan of parabens, so you won't find any in our featured products!


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