If I live outside of the United States, will I be charged a fee when my package arrives?

Maybe, but it's unlikely. Depending on your local tax and importing laws, you may be required to pay taxes, duty, or brokerage fees to accept a package from another country. Our subscription boxes are shipped via USPS, and it's uncommon for taxes, duty or brokerage fees to be charged with this service. However, if fees are charged, you will be responsible for paying them. Please check your local laws before ordering with us, or write us at support@vegancuts.com if you have a question about the service used to ship a specific product.

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    Amy Hamizah Haidi


    I just want to let you know that I was charged £13.67 for customs and handling because the box costs $25, which would be roughly equivalent to £19, as the UK charges the VAT on all goods coming in from outside the EU that is worth more than £15 (unless it's considered a gift, then, it won't be subject to this charge unless the gift is worth more than £39/$50).

    Thus, even though I really love the beauty and make up products that was in that box, being charged £13.67 for it on top of shipping would really break the bank, and something that I cannot commit for (not even quarterly a year). :/

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    Darren Andrew Savery

    I also had to pay customs and duty of 13.39$ Canadian, surprising as Vegan Cuts says they are based out of Canada!

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