When will my Marketplace order ship?

Unless otherwise noted in the "Shipping Information" section of the Marketplace product page, it may take up to 7-10 business days for your order to ship. Whenever possible, our Marketplace vendors ship much earlier.

We understand 7-10 business days may be longer than you are used to waiting, but some of our vendors require this length of time if they make their products by hand. Handcrafted products take time because they're filled with love! You’ll forget those days of waiting once you receive your lovely package, though.

Shipping transit times vary depending on the shipping method used by each vendor. If your order is going to Canada or elsewhere outside of the US, shipping times may take longer than they would for shipping within the continental US.

If you're not sure which shipping method a vendor will use and you need to know because you have a PO Box, etc. please write to support@vegancuts.com so we can ask the vendor! We're always happy to help!

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    Almost all the transportation companies provide tracking details now. My sister sends her boutique parcels through Delivery services Fort Worth often. Their safe packing and quality maintenance packages are great. She suggested me to go for the same ones for our cosmetic deliveries. But little worried about the packing for fragile goods.

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