How can I cancel the Snack Box or Beauty Box?

To cancel, log in to Vegan Cuts and click on "My Account,” and then "Subscriptions" to cancel.

If you've already been billed for a box and wish to cancel, you'll still receive the last box you've paid for.

We don't refund subscription charges once they've been paid, even if your box hasn't shipped.

After you cancel and the last box you paid for is mailed, you won't be billed again or receive any additional boxes. We’ll just warn you now that that’s when the sadness from not receiving the Snack Box or Beauty Box deliveries each month sets in.

If you'd like to resubscribe, just log back into your account and click "Renew".

A few notes on what does not work if you’re trying to cancel:

-Removing your credit card information from your account does not unsubscribe you. Rather, it simply delays payment.

-Screaming “I cancel!” at the top of your lungs while standing on top of your neighbor’s shed will not actually update your account.

If you run into any trouble, please write to us at so we can give you a hand!

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